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  Yongkang name industry &trade co., LTD.formerly known as step yongkang door industry co., LTD., is an independent research and development, production and sales, brand construction as one of the high-end technology door large senior enterprise, the ritz-carlton brand specializing in high-grade stainless steel building door, fluorocarbon lacquer building door, stainless steel, copper art building door production, is located in China hardware capital, China's doors are known as zhejiang yongkang. 

  Ritz-carlton people in line with "unity, pragmatic, high quality, innovation" the creation of the idea, has introduced the domestic and foreign modern production lines and advanced testing equipment, product design all smell of computerization management realization of CAD, CAM, and has a younger, professional, knowledge is to provide first-class products and services is the duty of everybody ritz-carlton.

  Ritz-carlton people with the first-class products and services, has earned the respect of peers, and won the praise and trust of consumers. But the ritz-carlton people never stop, in stainless steel door, stainless steel plate process of door, on the basis of and developed anticorrosive, antirust, waterproof, fire retardant, sound insulation, heat preservation in the integration of high-end products...

  Ritz-carlton door is not only used to decorate, she began to become a fashion, a kind of culture, a kind of glory, a status symbol!


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